MCKK Restoration


MCKK have been in desperate need of attention and repair. Most of the buildings are over 60 years old. Some are over 100 years old. The level of deterioration and damages are visible for anyone to see. For the past year, the stakeholders of MCKK have been working together to develop a plan to restore this historic school.

MCKK, MCOBA, The MCKK Foundation and the PIBG, through the Board of Governors, agreed to have MCOBA lead the technical assessment and recommend the way forward for this restoration effort. Last year, MCOBA formed a sub-committee called the MCKK Restoration Sub-Committee to implement this mandate.

This video was prepared by the MCKK Restoration Sub-Committee. Proud to be part of it!

“…Bangga kurasakan,
Khidmat kuberikan,
Takku lupakan jasa-jasamu,
Oh Kolej Melayu.”


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