MCOBA 10s Rugby Tournament 2018

15 December 2018 | SMK Kelana Jaya


The 3rd Annual MCOBA 10s was held on 15 December 2018 at the SMK Kelana Jaya field. Attracting over 300 MCOBs across 20 over batches, the event was a major success both on and off the field with players and spectators alike enjoying the festivities and the hard running rugby.

At the end of the Tournament, MCOBA Tortoise was presented with their team jersey for 2019 by TACKLE, the main sponsorship for the tournament. The organizer would like to thank the sponsors, players and supporters, as well as the continuous support for the MCOBA Tortoise and the MCOBA Roosters rugby teams.


Cup Champion: Spicy Sugars (C’14)
Plate Champion: Team Santai Jr (C’09)
Bowl Champion: MC0SIX (C’06)
Shield Champion: Team Santai (C’01)

Group A
Ratarok (C’18)
Commembratus (C’10)
MC0SIX (C’06)

Group B
XPMC (C’17)
Spicy Sugars (C’14)
Sloths (C’05)

Group C
Tekau Ma Ono (C’16)
Old Coconuts (C’12)
Team Santai Jr. (C’09)

Group D
Q15 (C’15)
Eleven Boys (C’11)
Team Santai (C’01)

Roosters A (C’83-C’03)
Roosters B (C’83-C’03)
98 Maui (C’98)
HewHew Rugby (C’04)


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