Short Film Screening: Merpati Putih Tak Pernah Ingkar Janji

Written & directed by TAD (C'86)


There was a screening of a short film, “Merpati Putih Tak Pernah Ingkar Janji” at MCOBA Penthouse. The piece was written and directed by an industry veteran, Tengku Adrian Tuan Ismail (TAD C’86). Although cultural or artistic endeavours are often viewed as occupying a secondary or supporting role in a nation’s development, behind commerce and business endeavours, the opposite could not be truer. Without culture and artistic enterprise, a society may be financially successful but lack a soul or purpose which, ultimately are the hallmarks of civilisation. The film has been submitted to the 2019 Sundance Film Festival. We wish TAD all the best for the film and his future endeavours.

Tengku Adrian (C’86)


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