MCKK Restoration Update

The Malay College Kuala Kangsar


There is a consensus between MCKK, the BOG, the PIBG and MCOBA who agreed that most of the buildings within the school have reached a state of disrepair, and that the condition produces undesirable living and learning environment for the students.

Amongst the assessments that were conducted to the campus was the fire protection systems. It was found that the hose-reel systems; installed sometime ago by the government, are inoperable. There are two systems serving the campus; one system serves the New Hostel, Big School and Pavilion, whilst a second system serves the New School, Hargreaves Hall and Prep School. The pumps and tank for the former are located at New Hostel whilst the latter between Gymnasium and the new Staff Room block.

The refurbishment of the fire protection system is part of the upgrading and refurbishment of Pavilion building project; which is funded by allocation from Federal government in 2017. The Pavilion fire protection system consists of hose-reel and manual break-glass fire alarm system. It was found that the hose-reel pumps were not in working condition.

The diesel pump was without a battery and diesel supply; to be used for starting the diesel engine and operation respectively. The hose-reel tank’s internal was badly corroded. This meant that all three hostels, including Pavilion, were without any first aid fire fighting apparatus which exposed the school to fire risk!

The scope of work consists of 1) replacement of water tank, 2) replacement of electric and diesel pump sets and 3) replacement of fire alarm panel and manual break-glass and bell. Existing piping reticulation running from New Hostel along the corridor of Big School to Pavilion is reused along with the existing hose-reel drums at all respective hostels.

With the recent fire at Madrasah Idrisiah Kuala Kangsar, the need to have an operable fire protection system is of utmost importance. Part of the refurbishment works for Pavilion is to ensure it is fire-protected to comply with the Uniform Building By-Laws. Hence, the entire pumping system and water tank were replaced. A bigger capacity pump was fitted to ensure sufficient pressure is delivered to the furthest hose-reel.

Works on the new pumps and tank have just been completed. In addition, Pavilion is also fitted with new manual break-glass fire alarm system; which work is still in progress. With the new system operable, both New Hostel and Big School will also benefit from the protection.

It is hoped that the school authority and stakeholders will ensure that the maintenance of these pumps and components are properly done as this could mean the difference between life and death; as well as prevention of property loss.

Report by:
Ir. Arul Hisham (C’82)
MCKK Restoration Subcommittee


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