MCOBA Perak Chapter Gathering

Andersonian Club, Ipoh


The MCOBA Perak Chapter headed by its Chairman Sdr. Kamarul Arif (Jibond C’83) feted the 6 triumphant MCKK boys who participated in the recent World Scholars Cup in Melbourne. The boys were accompanied by Cikgu Azmi Jimat (Jimmy C’91) and Cikgu Sharifah who represented HM Anand (C’79) who was away on an official trip.

They were treated to a dinner at the Andersonians Club, Ipoh. Among the attendees were; President TAB (C’78), Dato’ Ariff Babu (C’55), Roc (C’78), Zul-Q (C’80), Unca (C’80), Akhio (C’81), Momok (C’82), Megat Shahrin (C’86), Wan Azhar (C’88), Saiful Adli (C’90), Norali (C’90), Shahizam, Dr. Faizul as well as Dato’ Zabidi; Andersonians Club President and a former MCKK teacher.


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