MCOBA Football League – Season 2018 Review

Eco Ardence Sports Arena, Setia Alam | 20 October - 9 December 2018


There’s only a word can describe the league as a whole and even that word can’t justify it. Sensational.

We’d like to thank everyone involved in materializing the first ever MCOBA Football League season, including those behind the scene working on exquisite website and social media platforms, amazing photos permanently captured great moments, runners who went up and down distances to smoothen the league operation and on top of all, every player who committed his precious time to spend on the pitch together with brothers of the quadcolours badge (special thanks to those who had hard time applying visas but still made it to kick the ball).

Last fixtures were played last weekend but it is apparent the spirit and motivation of each team are still gloriously lit. It is apparent too, that everyone can hardly wait for the next season to come.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to apologize should there be any hiccups, mishaps or poor management of the league in any way. We will commit ourselves to further improve this football league, if we were given the opportunity to again organize this for the coming seasons. With this, we welcome all kind of ideas, comments and suggestions. We promise we will listen.

Congratulations 2005 for becoming the first ever champions. Congratulations to all teams too, for being able to finish the league without blood (okay maybe some blood, but that bled guy, he bleeds all the time anyway). And finally, congratulations to the running committee who did such a committed work for the league.

This MCOBA Football League was just a teh tarik session chat, about a year ago. It’s amazing how this turned out to be.

Until next season. Bungwak!


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