MCKK All Blacks 1999


This happy bunch of Men in black were the MCKK All Blacks 1999 that defeated the formidable Vajiravudh College’s Dancing Thais 13-7 to win the annual match for the second time in 36 years! The long years of humiliation were ended by a determined and courageous 1999 XV who played an attacking game the moment the match began.

After this win, MCKK had to wait for another 14 years to win the next Annual game in 2013. The 3 wins were on home ground. Overall Total Tally: Vaji 53 MCKK 3. I wonder what the Old Vaji (OV) says about their 3 teams that lost? But they left many Siamese girls go “Abang come, adik pain!”.


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