Belasungkawa – Muhammad Farid Azfar Abdul Malek


Muhammad Farid Azfar Abdul Malek (Dhoby no. E123), Class of 2009, Ahmad House. Having a father (Allahyarham Abdul Malek Abdul Maulud, C’72) and a brother (Abdul Fadli Afzan @ Katak, C‘01) who were MCOBs, had made it easier for Farid to adapt well to preppie life, probably having known Koleq traditions since he was very young. Back then, his jovial and friendly character would always light us up. Farid was a natural musician. He joined the wind orchestra and marching band, and was very good with the saxophone.

During the final year he switched to percussions. His incredible talents, coupled with his good looks, always got the girls’ attention. In 2008, when Koleq’s administration decided to try re-introducing accounting as a subject (instead of reinstating the social science/arts stream), Farid was one of those who decided to take up the challenge. And eventually, during our final year, we were placed in the same class – 5 Science 3, comprising about 15 of us, for that programme.

The odd thing is, the majority of us ended up not pursuing accounting as a vocation, including Farid who decided to study radiography. After going through the first surgery on the 19th of July 2018, Farid was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. Sadly, after a heroic battle with the disease, Farid passed away on a Friday morning, 3rd of August 2018. He was laid to rest at Tanah Perkuburan Islam Kg Baru, Mukim Si Rusa, Port Dickson. No words could describe how we miss him. He will always have a special place in our hearts. May Allah bless his soul and place him amongst the solihin. Al-Fatihah.


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